Okay, lets go.

I CANNOT. It’s just so hard for people to even begin to understand this feeling. I really have no words. Just tears.


BREAKING: Exodus International shuts down


Exodus International, the largest organization in the world that advocates for Christian “ex-gay therapy,” has announced it will be shutting down.

Even more exciting: they admit that the world is changing to become more accepting of LGBT people. Months ago, the organization’s officials had expressed doubt in its mission and methods, to the point of admitting that the vast majority of people can’t change their sexual orientation but will be accepted in Christianity anyway. 

“I believe we’ve come to a time in the church when it’s time to lay our weapons down,”  Alan Chambers said at an Irvine conference. “We fought the culture and we’ve lost. But I think we’ve lost for a good reason because it’s time for peace.” …

“There have been people that we’ve hurt, there are horror stories, and I’m not telling you this for any other reason than to be honest and tell the true story about this ministry,” he said. “In 37 years we haven’t done everything right because we’re a bunch of humans. We’ve hurt people. We’ve helped people. But we’ve hurt people.”

Chambers then said it wasn’t enough to acknowledge the ministry’s missteps only to the congregation, so the church decided to talk with Ling and face the truth in a “really big way.”

In a statement on the church’s website, Chambers said a new ministry would rise in place of Exodus, one that would work with other churches to create “safe, welcoming and mutually transforming communities.”

Holy crap. I can’t even put into words how significant this is. This is an incredible victory for the millions of queer people out there who are forced into traumatizing treatments simply because of who they are. This is proof that things are changing. I’m honestly floored. 

Consider yourselves lucky if you grew up “normal”. Prejudices are taught and begin at home. If you are making fun of another person’s character, including laughing or going along with others who are making fun of someone, then maybe you should take a good look at yourself and accept that very trait within you or, if nothing else, educate yourself and change your attitude. Making fun of people, regardless of age but especially at this fragile development stage of our youth, is mentally destructive. Stop it.

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